Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Undroid - Android Plugin for Netbeans

There is an available Android Plugin for Netbeans provided at http://undroid.nolimit.cz/. Like the Android plugin for Eclipse, you can develop Android application in Netbeans and test it using the Android Emulator included in Android Developer Toolkit. I am not a big fan of Netbeans but I gave it a try. It seems that the current version does not support the latest release (m5) of Android SDK. I have not searched further though. Here's a screenshot provided at the Undroid website:

Undroid Screenshot

Download instructions for Undroid Plugin can be found here: http://undroid.nolimit.cz/download

Other screenshots for Undroid Plugin can be found here: http://undroid.nolimit.cz/screenshots

There is also few comments about the Undroid plugin which can be found here: http://undroid.nolimit.cz/discussion.

Happy Coding!

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